Safe and Strong:

Safety in the Community
Personal Safety Strategies for People with Developmental Disabilities

People with DD face disproportionate levels of crime: 4 to 10 times higher than the non-disabled population.
90% of people with DD will experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime.

Who Are We?
A spectacular collaborative project of the
California Department of Developmental Services;
Tri-Counties Regional Center, Santa Barbara;
Tri-Counties Justice and Disabilities Task Force;
Lucaswrites Educational Media, Inc.;
with consultation and media services provided by
Sheriff’s Department, Santa Barbara County;
consultation by
District Attorney and Victim/Witness Offices of Santa Barbara County.

Who Are We Trying to Reach?
All people with developmental disabilities, including three major target audiences:
1) Children 8 and above and young adults receiving support in special education classes;
2) Adults with developmental disabilities in community residential services,
including group and host homes, independent living, supported living;
3) People in developmental centers.

Knowledge and training are power!
Education and training are the keys to reducing crime and victimization against people with developmental disabilities. Absence of safety training cultivates our people with DD to be ideal targets for predators— as predators are well aware Safe and Strong provides empowering, practical, real life, interactive and proactive step by step strategies for personal safety.
Give predators the power by avoiding or neglecting safety training within our DD community OR Provide our community of people with developmental disabilities the tools and power to be safe.

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We Will:
Replace vulnerability with power and knowledge via interactive safety training!
Let’s employ safety training to empower and strengthen our own population with DD instead of empowering predators.

Interactive watching and listening to Safe and Strong modules.
Interactive response to trigger questions from curriculum and students.
Interactive creation by students of their own trigger questions and their own role play and scenarios.
Interactive rehearsal, role play and modeling the safe way.

How does this Work?
Key word is interactive! Safe and Strong students, via interactive training, modeling and rehearsal, are armed with instilled automatic responses to recognize, avert, and respond to potentially dangerous situations. Do not expect your students to simply view and walk away with the strategies needed. Interactive role play works every time!

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