Training Tips



Please be cautious and sensitive to the comfort zone of each student—likely some of your students have been victims of crime. Your goal is to empower these students and to help them receive the counseling which is required to recover from the trauma. Safety training restores their power and confidence. (Please notice our caution for Part 2 below.)

INTERACTIVE PARTICIPATION IS VITAL Safety training really only works when students are vitally, interactively, energetically involved participants—learning as if their well being depended upon learning safety skills. We can not leave students with the illusion that they have safety skills by simply watching. Participation, FUN and modeling are crucial.

SAFE AND STRONG EMPLOYS THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS MODEL to which our target audience relates well: You (the trainer) are the Safe and Strong Home Coach. Your students/clients are your Safe and Strong home team. Everyone interactively participates. No one is left out. Everyone wins. How do we define interactive? DO! MODEL! REHEARSE! EVERY STUDENT MODELS AND REHEARSES EACH AND EVERY ROLE IN EACH AND EVERY MODULE!

OUR SAFE AND STRONG COACH, GARY FRUIN, WILL CUE YOU: “Home Coaches, let’s check in with our home Safe and Strong home team.” This is your cue to stop the video, ask questions and ask each student to model. Watch the module as many times as you need to allow the information to make sense to the student. Do your students have questions or comments? Each student needs to participate and model safe behavior until it becomes automatic.

PACE AND FOCUS Begin at the beginning with Part 1, and Focus, however, on the individual modules which best serve your students’ most immediate needs. What is the most critical need of your students at this moment? At the bus stop? On the bus? Your money is for you? If you are lost? Telemarketers? Home Alone? Locked in the house with a potential abuser your student fears or an abuser terrorizing your student?

SAFE AND STRONG LOUD & PROUD OR KINDER & GENTLER? Big issues and challenges require big gestures and loud voices. No predator has ever been deflected by quiet voices or conformity to good manners. Attention is the enemy of crime—use loud voices and huge gestures presented in Safe and Strong. If your throat doesn’t hurt, you haven’t shouted loud enough.